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Establishing Trust in Hiring beyond an AI Assessment

Building Trust in an Automated World

Trust is paramount when it comes to hiring talent, and in today's remote/hybrid work world, it is even more so. Trust between the candidate and the employer sets the foundation for a successful working relationship. While AI assessments have become a trendy tool in recruitment, human recruiters still play a critical role in establishing trust throughout the hiring process.

At Taladria, our mission is to transform the recruitment industry with technology and expertise. We understand the importance of trust in hiring for both corporate and staffing talent acquisition leaders. In this blog post, we will delve into the challenges TA leaders face and explore the critical role a human recruiter plays in establishing trust.

Quantifying the Issue

To quantify the issue at hand, let's take a look at some key statistics related to trust in hiring:

  • The Harvard Business Review states that high-trust organizations outperform low-trust organizations by 2.5 times in revenue growth.

These stats highlight the significance of trust in building a successful organization and emphasize the need to establish trust early on in the hiring process.

The Role of the Human Recruiter in Verifying Trust

While AI assessments can effectively evaluate technical skills and qualifications, they fall short when it comes to assessing trustworthiness. This is where the role of a human recruiter becomes invaluable in...

Evaluating Cultural Fit

Establishing trust requires a candidate who not only possesses the technical skills but also fits within the company's culture. A human recruiter excels at evaluating cultural fit by engaging in meaningful conversations with candidates, asking probing questions, and assessing their alignment with the organization's values.

Assessing Soft Skills

While technical skills are vital for a candidate's success, soft skills such as communication, collaboration, and empathy are equally important in building trust within teams. Human recruiters can gauge these skills during interviews and evaluate their impact on trust-building.

Proactive Relationship Building

Human recruiters have the expertise and experience to build and maintain relationships with candidates throughout the recruitment process. This relationship-building is crucial in establishing trust, as candidates feel more valued and engaged when they have a reliable point of contact who understands their needs and aspirations.

Addressing Concerns and Red Flags

AI assessments may not identify concerns or warning signs that could impact trust, such as a candidate's response to hypothetical ethical dilemmas or their ability to handle difficult conversations. These concerns can be effectively addressed by experienced human recruiters who can delve deeper into such issues during interviews.


In the era of AI-powered recruitment assessments, the role of a human recruiter cannot be underestimated when it comes to establishing trust. Trust is a foundation that paves the way for successful working relationships and long-term employee retention. Corporate and staffing talent acquisition leaders must recognize the critical value that human recruiters bring to the hiring process by evaluating cultural fit, assessing soft skills, and proactively building relationships.

At Taladria, we strive to provide innovative solutions that blend technology with human expertise to create a recruitment process that establishes trust from the get-go. Our mission is to transform the hiring process, connecting European IT professionals with US companies seeking top talent. Trust is at the forefront of our approach, and we understand the significance it holds for both job seekers and employers. Join us in reimagining HR and recruiting, and let's build a future where trust is the bedrock of successful organizations.