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Taladria connects IT professionals with overseas companies seeking dedicated remote talent.

We build partnerships through a relentless focus on excellence, innovation, simplicity, ownership and integrity.

Our mission is to simplify the recruitment process while achieving the best possible outcomes for both clients and candidates. We take full ownership and accountability at every step, continuously improving our services and processes to enable meaningful connections.

We are driven by curiosity to push boundaries and embrace new ideas that enhance value. Our close-knit, collaborative team thrives on evolving and learning together.

We create straightforward solutions to complex hiring challenges with an innovative mindset. We strive to automate as much of the recruitment process as possible to deliver consistent results for clients and candidates.

At Taladria, we are proud to combine our expertise with a passion for technology to make a difference in our clients' businesses and our candidates’ careers.

We go the extra mile to understand needs, ask the right questions, and deliver results powered by our shared commitment to excellence.

Connect the dots

We are a team of recruitment industry experts. 

Our co-founders are experienced recruitment technology and talent acquisition leaders with proven track record in identifying, attracting, and cultivating strong matches through expertise, insight, and care.

We are committed to continuous betterment of the recruitment experience through innovation and technology.


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